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Onboarding is the process of introducing your users to your application. It envolve a set of visual elements, flows, logic, screens and structured information that aims to teach, organize and in general facilitate your users.

After users signin on the platform, the backoffice launches the onboarding app, which is a custom backoffice application built inside of the platform itself.

Onboarding App Onboarding App


The backoffice app is prepared to execute applications developed inside the builder, which enable users total customization power on the behaviour of the backoffice.

In order to deliver consistent user experience and expected quality of service all backoffice applications are styled according to the Lightning Design Framework. Custom design modifications restrict to components only.


By leveraging the backoffice builder we also obtain these nice benefits:

  • updates to onboarding process in minutes.
  • Fast feedback and development cycle
  • Component focused development
  • Reusability
  • Component Isolation
  • Component Modules
  • Layouts
  • Optimization, compression and minification out of the box
  • create many onboarding flows (pages) for each specific purpose
  • Instants updates (again)
  • Unlimited Library Size (thousands of components)
  • Consistent performance irrespective of library size
  • Compilation Api, Lazy Loading

Builder Preview

Here's the builder preview

Backoffice Builder