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Working with AWS Services



Enterstarts API Gateway is not yet GA (Generally Available), this documentation aims to present the service only and serve as a reference point to exchange ideas and standardize the technical guides.

Please contact us if this solution is of interest and you have a urgent need.

At Enterstarts we operate large portions of our global platform on Amazon Web Services. For this reason we dedicate great efforths to simplify on-boarding on core aws services and developer productivity, security and criativity.

Back in the Custom Server API we saw how we can use AWS nodejs SDK to query dynamodb records.


Enterstarts uses aws nodejs sdk v2 on api-gateway and worker application. The sdk is included alongside other libraries and the security credentials can be set via container environment variables or using the pragmatic code.


The target audience of this tutorial is for backend developers, aws developers and cloud developers. It can also be of interest to people learning javascript, web-development, cloud native development, and also to ambicious professionals working on their AWS Certification.

Note on Security


The examples above are not production fit, we should always implement proper security verification and authorization to make sure this kind of sensitive information is accessed by authorized personnel only.

DynamoDB Example

Here's an api that just fetches records from the a dynamo table called 'my-table' DynamoDB Demo in API Gateway Sneak Peek

EC2 Example

Here's another example of an api endpoint that just fetches the list of all your ec2 instances on a specific region

EC2 List Instances

Authenticating api requests

This example is better and safer and uses the Platform Authentication SDK to make sure the user is authenticated on the platform

EC2 List Instances Auth

AWS SDK Examples

And many more

AWS SDK Tutorials