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Enterstarts Payment Cloud

Global, Compliant and Full-featured payment service for your customers in more than 100 countries, backed by world class support and professionals dedicated to business continuity.

Product Overview

Enterstarts Payment Cloud Platform is a managed suite of applications, services and infraestructures designed and optimized to allow companies to bill, sell and make payments in standard payment solutions and credit/debit cards. Payment Cloud also provides support for cryptocurrencies featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, DAI, Solana, Waves, Monero and other coins comming soon.

  • Industry Quality Backoffice
  • Simple & Efficient
  • Advanced Application Builder to allow customized development of new payment solutions
  • Dedidacated storage and infraestructure for payment processing, notification, analytics and custody
  • Accelerate TTM and reduce operational/products riscs by gradual adoptions
  • Monitor all payment channels, events, KPIs
  • Advanced Application Builder to allow unlimited development
  • Managed infraestructure for pennies on the dollar
  • Dedidacated storage for search, recommendations, onboarding and transaction processing
  • Accelerate TTM and reduce operational/products riscs by gradual adoptions
  • Analyze highly complex and dynamic ecosystems and billions of events in real-time
  • No vendor lock in (by adopting React for development)
  • Use resources, tools, frameworks and expertize abundant (React, NodeJs, AngularJs)
  • Managed/Dedicated Infraestructures for payment, transaction and fulfilment processing